About Us


Our Company

JPF Ultrasonic Technologies Inc., was established in 2008. We have achieved exponential growth through our mobile units and high-quality equipment. Our customers have come to know JPF for our exceptional level of quality, safety, and service.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on an ongoing commitment of improvement in our people and products. Our business processes to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

" Quality today is just the minimum requirement of tomorrow

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Our Vision

Here at JPF Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. excellence and innovation is our goal. Our daily operations revolve around this premise; faster and safer, taking the necessary precautions and measures to assure that our daily operation is the most precise in our industry. Achieving our native environments in which we operate to remain consistent with our business philosophy.

Our Values

When we serve, we earn the right to serve again.

Honesty Commitment Responsibility