JPF Ultrasonic Technologies is committed in building sustainable methods to establish critical employee behaviors. We strive to develop methods to enable us to achieve the new levels of productivity, quality and safety needed to stay above the industry standards. Building a sustainable employee safety mind-set culture is a crucial first step to increase the awareness in our employees. To sustain employee behaviors, we take a 4-step approach to keeping the highest levels of productivity, quality, and safety.

Below are the four key actions we take to successfully sustain safety and productivity:

1. We reward safe behaviors.  We encourage desired behaviors by providing positive reinforcement. The use of this reinforcing mechanism to keep emphasizing safety works very well over time.

2. We clarify that safety is the priority.  It is critical to explain to all employees what is expected of them and why. For example, our leaders do not do any trade-offs between safety and productivity. Safety is paramount at the expense of productivity. That said, when safety is truly prioritized, productivity often follows accordingly.

3. We develop soft skills. While everyone needs to be trained in technical skills, they also need to have the right level of soft skills.  Our Managers learn both and provide an environment in which people can identify hazards and control risk, as well as contribute to a positive, caring team environment.  

4. We role model behaviors from the top. No amount of frontline intervention will make up for a lack of support from top leadership. In our meetings, for instance, we acknowledge how the company has performed against our safety goals since the last meeting… this send the right message about their commitment to safety. 

We understand that many other companies have a multitude of methods at their disposal. But building a deeply embedded safety culture is key for us to  improve safety outcomes in a sustainable way.  Additionally, this commitment to safety and quality includes considerations involving API 5A5 & 5CT specifications, best practices for optimizing costs through maximizing productivity, investing in and increasing the knowledge and experience of our employees, and our own desire to constantly improve to rise and remain above the competition.