Our Safety Culture

JPF Ultrasonic Technologies – Safety is not an option…it’s an obligation.


JPF Ultrasonic Technologies Inc.

Our success in safety in the workplace starts with a strong safety culture.  Our collection of values and beliefs are shared with our employees. This is critical to maintain our safety culture.  Our managers embrace the safety agenda and lead the efforts across our organization.

JPF is committed to minimize risks on the job site to protect its staff, its property and customers from accidents.  Every day, we implement our safety and health management commitment and get employee involvement to maintain safety in the forefront of operations.  Worksite analysis and hazard prevention/controls are in place to ensure continuous improvement.  We provide employee education and training to comply with rules and regulations, to reinforce culture and celebrate the safety and health of our employees throughout our company. 

We believe that organizations with a strong safety culture that have established comprehensive safety programs and monitor their progress, are the winners when it comes to workplace safety and growth.  For this reason, our goal for an injury and accident-free workplace is our top priority.

On all areas of JPF’s operations, safety is a top priority concern, safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Through continuous safety and health management commitment – SAFETY is not an option… it is an obligation.

“JPF Ultrasonic Technologies – Safety is not an option…it’s an obligation”